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No site that promotes losing weight in a reasonable and healthful manner is going to let you get away without discussing the necessity of exercise! Let’s put it this way – there are no highways, railways, or airplanes into Thinlandia! People are, for the most part, coming in at great effort, under their own steam, sweating, stinking, and gasping for breath. I’d like to say it’s been different for me – but I would be lying. The only way I have managed to lose 30+ pounds in the last several months is by working diligently, watching my diet, cutting salt, keeping a food diary, and yes, exercising!

The exercise I’ve chosen to use is one that most people can do, and gets easier with time. It’s pretty basic – walking! You need a decent pair of well-fitting shoes, and a pedometer has been extremely helpful for me. I’ve pretty much been trying to walk 3 1/2 – 4 miles, five or six evenings per week. In the process, my cholesterol has come WAY down, my weight has plummeted, and my resting pulse has dropped from around 90 to the 50-60 range.

Many people wonder how many calories I take in, in order to show a steady loss of pounds. I am actually careful not to get too low, because a Very Low Calorie Diet (800 calories or less) really doesn’t make me lose weight any faster. I aim for 1150-1350 – and try to get no more than 1400 calories per day. My practical rule of thumb is to exercise off anything over 1000 calories. For example, I missed that today by only 20 – I took in 1368 calories and got rid of 348 of them on my 3.7 mile walk. That system helps me not eat too much, and it works for my body. On some nights that I know I should go to the gym, I’ve actually taken myself to McDonald’s, gotten a 150 calorie cone, and worked off 350 calories on the treadmill. Was the ice cream worth it? You bet! It’s all in convincing yourself to exercise, no matter what it takes (within reason)!

There are many articles out there on the benefits of walking. All I ask is – whatever you like to do, get out there and DO IT! Increase your metabolism, better your health, and watch the pounds melt away!