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If I’m your Health Coach…

I’d like to extend a special welcome if you have come here on my referral after our telephone conversation! You might surmise after talking to me and looking through this website, that promoting good health habits is not just my job, but a passion for me! I am really excited that I have been able to lose 50 pounds in the past few months, and want to share how I have done so with you. It’s mostly like we discussed on the phone – making a firm decision to make a change, keeping a food diary, faithfully counting calories, trying to eat as healthfully as possible, starting to exercise, and putting away any bad habits that are keeping us from optimal health. Those bad habits could be Night Eating Syndrome (which I struggled with), smoking, lack of exercise, or just plain over-eating.

I do have to throw this disclaimer in here – you certainly should check with your doctor before making any sort of drastic changes, especially if you have been diagnosed with diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, or any other chronic disease. Naturally, your doctor is likely to be thrilled that you are willing to make a commitment to your health – but he or she does need to be the one to direct your care.

Call me anytime if you need encouragement; we’re in this together! And feel free to drop me a note or comment if you have any specific questions or even if you just want to make a remark about a recipe or post.

Once again, thanks for the visit, and welcome!!!